Monday, October 25, 2010

Rehearsal today (7/8)

Was GREAT! Great job everyone, and a special hat tip to section leaders, on some VERY productive sectionals. I (and Ms. Tan) were quite impressed! Thursday- new music!
You guys rock.
Ms. A

Friday, October 22, 2010

Spring Concert

Our theme for the spring concert will be "Broadway." I have a few ideas about what we can sing, but am open to more. Be advised that songs from shows Bigelow has done the last few years (Music Man, Guys and Dolls, Peter Pan) or that we will do in the future (Joseph) are right out. We'll probably also try to steer clear of shows Bigelow did a while ago and might do again, like Into the Woods, Seussical, and the Wizard of Oz. Other than that, so long as it's appropriate for school (I'm pretty sure that rule eliminates EVERYTHING from Avenue Q) it's fair game. Post a comment if you have a suggestion!

Oye Pronunciation

Listen to Peter pronounce those tongue-twisting Spanish words! Go to th chorus website (link to the right) then click on 6th grade mp3s.

J'entends Pronunciation

Listen to Jane speak those tricky French words! Go to the chorus website (link to the right) and then to 7th/8th grade mp3s.

J'entends le Moulin - Full version

Here is a nice rendition of J'entends- bear in mind it includes verses D-G, which I cut, because 12 verses is WAY too many.

This is a Test

This is a test to see what the blog will look like. WOOOHOO!