Saturday, April 5, 2014


Everyone who tried out yesterday- bravo! You guys rock. Thanks for putting up with doing all the auditions at once- I know that made it more stressful for folks who auditioned for multiple solos, but it helped me figure out who'd be best on which song.

All auditions are a single snapshot in time. Some of you performed better than you might ordinarily, some may feel you performed less than your best. Regardless, this is not a statement about how you good a singer you are. It's about how good a singer you were for 30 seconds on Friday. Which is very much not the same thing.

A special shout out to Emily and Ben, who were out sick but managed to email me an audition nonetheless. That's hard core. Or, hard chor.

See you Wednesday!
Ms. A

The End of All Things
Understudy: Jessie

When I Was Younger
1. Maddie AL (when I was younger)
2. Sarah S (now that I'm older)
3. Gabi (the ending When I Was younger)
Understudy: Laura

When I Grow Up
Solos 1, 2 and 5 go to Will, Clare, and Rose M. But I haven't made up my mind who gets what- I need to hear you guys sing it in a row. Currently I'm thinking Clare, Rose and Will, in that order. But now it's been 30 seconds, so I changed my mind again :)
3. I will eat sweets- Laura and Emily E, duet
4. Watch cartoons- all the 3-year 8th graders
6. when I grow up (held)- Christine and Sarah R
7. Just because you find- Kevin
8. If you always take it- Ben (again, I keep changing my mind- Kevin and Ben, you may end up switching)
9. Just because I find myself- Nour
10. If I think the ending- Jonathan
Understudy: Kat

Friday, April 4, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bigelow Beats - Quiz Time!

I promise, guys- listen to this section, WITH YOUR MUSIC, 5 times, and you'll have it. It's tricky because each part depends on all the others to get your own part right, so one mistake and it's over. But these fine fellows get it right every time, so sing along with them until you feel confident. Then grab two friends and practice!