Friday, March 27, 2015

6th Grade Solos!

Great job everyone! I will just cut and paste the email I sent the entire faculty this afternoon:
I just wanted to share with you all a highlight of my day: We had solo auditions in 6th grade chorus and only a few kids signed up. Then they started encouraging each other and a TON of kids got brave enough to do it! The kids were super sweet and supportive of everyone, and seeing them all cheer for each other warmed my heart. If you see a 6th grade singer today, give them a high five. And a big thanks to amazing judge Mr. Fin!!

1:mon cheri… Rose
2:oui, our guest... Megan
3:we’ll prepare and serve with flair a culinary cabaret... Katrina
4:we tell jokes…the Matthews
5:I do tricks with my fellow candlesticks… the Matthews
6:if you’re stressed, it’s fine dining we suggest... Haruna
7: it’s a  guest x2, sakes alive, well I’ll be blessed... Emma B
8:wine’s been poured and thank the lord I’ve had the napkins freshly pressed... Natalie
9: with dessert, she’ll want tea, and my dear that’s fine with me…Zoe
10: while the cups do their soft shoeing…Stephanie
11:I’ll get warm, piping hot…Leila
12:heaven’s sakes, is that a spot? Clean it up!.. Oscar
13: is it one lump or two for you our guest?…Claire

14: she’s our guest!... Lily and Owen

Monday, March 23, 2015

Famine Song

A nicely soulful, choreographed version:

You can hear a clip of the original quartet doing it on their cd here: Here's our arrangement, in the key we are singing in: