Friday, May 6, 2016

Bigelow Beats Solos

I'm proud of myself! I figured out all kajillion solos and I THINK I managed to make everyone happy, arrangers included. That basically never happens so DON'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. Please learn your solo(s) for Wednesday.

(Edited to say: If I didn't give a solo to someone who auditioned, it was 100% an accident and you definitely should tell me. I'll give you a solo I promise!)

Dear Theodosia
1) Lonnie
2) Adair
3) Noah
4) Hazel

1) Dian Dian (Have you ever...)
2) Megan (So it's fairly simple)
3) Ladi (You fasten my seatbelt)
4) Natalie (A piece of love; also the harmony on Ladi's solo)

Good Old AC
1) Sofia (1st half of v1)
2) Emma (2nd half of v1)
3) Arthur (1st half of v2)
4) Lonnie (2nd half of v2)

prechorus/bridge 1-Lauren
chorus 1-Hazel
prechorus/bridge 2-Ladi
chorus 2/end- Lonnie

Earth (all of these solos happen a bunch of times so be aware and look through your music to find the repeats)
Are you with me- top line and all subsequent times, and Get only What You Give Back at the very end- Sofia
Are you with me-bottom line and at the end-Sammy
You're not golden- Iris (repeat at end)
You're Gonna Lose it all- top part Hazel, bottom part Lauren. Same thing at Stereo symbiosis in v2.
The cold shoulder- Waffles (repeat at end)
Stop this right away- 1st and 3rd times Emma, 2nd and 4th time Natalie

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


A reminder- solos are based on what you sounded like today, to Mr Swan :) If you didn't get one, it might be because this song is not in your range, or today wasn't your day, or you're in 7th grade, or lots of reasons. It certainly isn't because you are not a great singer- ALL of you did an awesome job and it was hard to choose!

Soloists, please see me   L1 tomorrow. I think this is what solo I want you on, but I want to hear you sing it before I'm sure. 

2-Emma L
12-Emma B