Tuesday, November 4, 2014

7th/8th Grade Solos

Great job, EVERYONE who auditioned- I was so thrilled to see so many new faces up there and so proud of all of you for your bravery. One of my personal goals for each of you is that at some point in middle school you will audition for something- whether you get it or not is less important than DOING it! Plus, it will make you more likely to go after the things you want in high school!
 I can't give you all solos, but I did give you all candy, so that's something.
Bravo! -Ms A

Soloist: Hazel
Understudy: Shira

How We Love:
Soloists: Laura, Memma, Morgan, Maya
Understudy: Faith

Soloist, verse 1: Michael
Soloist, verse 2: Sarah
Duet: Lonnie and Jacob
Understudy: Iris

Saturday, November 1, 2014

6th Grade Solos!

Dear singers,
Thank you for the gift of your audition! You are all so brave and I am proud of you! You rock! -Ms A

Verse 1: Emma B, Adriana
Verse 2: Emmy and Mikayla
Verse 3: Emma L and Chika
Verse 4:   Adair, Katrina
Understudies: Rose, Zoe