Friday, April 13, 2012

7th/8th Grade Chorus Soloists

Great job today, all! I was proud as always at ALL the brave souls who stood and sang for us! As with 6th grade, I have provided an understudy for each solo in case the soloist is ill/missing/AWOL. 7th graders- you guys were GREAT! But all things being equal, 8th graders get the solo. Next year...

Solo 1-
soloist: Mirabelle Understudy: Lauryn/Tamara

Solo 2-
soloist: Sonia understudy: Caroline

Solo 3-
soloist: Swabi understudy: Natalie

Solo 4
soloist: Henry understudy: Gianluca

Bigelow Beatts: T Shirt edition

Calling all Beats for shirt designs, pictures, slogans!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

6th Grade soloists

It is never easy to choose soloists. But it is usually easy to separate the people who didn't learn it from those who did and could do it. EVERYONE who auditioned today learned it and sounded great singing! That made choosing really hard. To make myself feel better, I gave everyone an understudy- if the soloist is sick or absent, that way we have a backup.
Congratulations to ALL of you who auditioned- if this is the last time I see you audition, I'll be VERY disappointed.
Have a great weekend!

Soloist: Evyatar G Understudy: Astrid K

Soloist: Nour Understudy: Jordan

Soloist: Rose Understudy: Katie

Soloist: Grace D Understudy: Aaron