Sunday, December 12, 2010


A very merry time was had last Saturday, as Boston tried (and failed) to break the World Record for most people caroling at one time. The crowd was buoyed by freeeeeeeee hot chocolate, a brass band on a trolley (protesting the replacement of the live orchestra for the Rockettes with a recording, support live music, folks!) and the lively antics of Pops conductor Keith Lockhart.

(Side note: when I went to music camp for the first time in 35 BC, there was a girl in my cabin from Masachusetts (exotic! I thought) who put a poster up next to her bed of Keith Lockhart, because she loooooved him. I found this a bit mysterious at the time, but find it way more perplexing that today, approximately 1,000,000 years later, women of all ages evidently still swoon for Mr. Lockhart, because he is dreamy.) 

Anyway, nobody in the crowd of 3000-plus people was more dashing than our crew. Here's proof!

The banner was made by Ms. Dailey-Smith, back when she was a music teacher. Snazzy, eh?
Oh, and I got into the BU newspaper- article here.

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