Monday, June 13, 2011

Jobs I Didn't Know You Could Aspire To

So, this weekend at Pride there was a singer doing dance music, grooving out, and 3 backup dancers, rockin' behind her. And also this random other girl who was kind of dancing by herself in the corner of the stage. And I started watching her, trying to figure out what her deal was, and then I realized: she was the sign language interpreter. And she was signing while dancing to the music. Well, the signing was part of the dance. It was awesome. I think if I were deaf, I'd still have gotten a terrific sense of the beat and the mood (and, of course, the lyrics) from watching her. Which is a great thing to think about even when performing for a hearing audience. How can you embody the music so that you show it as well as hear it?

Anyway, here's my favorite Internet Sign Language Guy. Watch how he embodies the song, not just the word- he's performing, not just signing.


  1. I saw this video like last year!So cool!
    -Alexis L.


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