Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Greatest Place On Earth

is Interlochen Arts Camp. I went to Interlochen. I am pretty sure it's the awesomest place on earth. I am 100% sure it's why I grew up and became a musician. It's why a lot of people become musicians, and actors, and dancers, and artists. (More than 10% of profesional orchestral musicians went to camp there, which when you think bout it, is pretty crazy.) My friend Jeannie, who lived in my cabin my first year, was the first person I ever met from Massacusetts- from an obscure town whose name I could only remember because it was the same as tasty Fig Newton's. My friend Mary, who I concinced to join me there our senior year, now teaches oboe at North. I'm still friends with both of them- it's that kind of place.

But it's kinda expensive- unless you win this contest.

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