Friday, December 13, 2013

6th grade Concert Homework!

It's that time! Comment on this post with an intro to one of the songs we're singing at the concert. Good intros TELL THE AUDIENCE SOMETHING INTERESTING, such as the background of the artist/composer, a story about the song, insight into our process of learning the song, or something interesting to listen for when we sing the song. Alternate Homework option: Draw a beautiful cover for the program. Theme: Arise!


  1. We are about to sing "Hope Is the Thing with Feathers" It originally was a poem that was written by Emily Dickinson. It was then composed by Susan LaBarr. The song is a metaphor saying that a bird is hope. Nichol W-F

  2. The next song we will be singing is "Touch the Sky", sung by Merida in the Disney movie Brave. While singing this song Merida is riding through the wilderness, happy to be free of her family. When we sing want to capture the happiness and freeness of her voice. Hope you enjoy our take on " Touch the Sky"
    -Nomi L.

  3. This next song is called "Touch the Sky". You may know if from the movie Brave, but we created a slower variation of the song. It is sung by the main character Merida and talks about how she will take hold of her own dreams and make them come true. It is one of our more fun songs, so I hope you enjoy it.
    Lauren M.

  4. The next song we will sing is "I will Arise". Not a familiar tune, but this song is a pilgrim church song. Learning how to sing this song was an interesting experience because it showed you, in song, the pilgrim beliefs in their time. This song is supposed to be sung as a chant with no real solfège. We sing it WIth solfège but try to keep the spirit in the song going.
    Nomi L.

  5. The next song is titled "Touch the Sky". The song is from the Disney movie Brave, and the main character in the movie, Merida, sings it. It is about confidence and joy. In the animated movie, the song is performed by Julie Fowlis. This is my personal favorite song out of all the songs we have been doing, so we hope you enjoy it!
    Tessa B.


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