Saturday, April 5, 2014


Everyone who tried out yesterday- bravo! You guys rock. Thanks for putting up with doing all the auditions at once- I know that made it more stressful for folks who auditioned for multiple solos, but it helped me figure out who'd be best on which song.

All auditions are a single snapshot in time. Some of you performed better than you might ordinarily, some may feel you performed less than your best. Regardless, this is not a statement about how you good a singer you are. It's about how good a singer you were for 30 seconds on Friday. Which is very much not the same thing.

A special shout out to Emily and Ben, who were out sick but managed to email me an audition nonetheless. That's hard core. Or, hard chor.

See you Wednesday!
Ms. A

The End of All Things
Understudy: Jessie

When I Was Younger
1. Maddie AL (when I was younger)
2. Sarah S (now that I'm older)
3. Gabi (the ending When I Was younger)
Understudy: Laura

When I Grow Up
Solos 1, 2 and 5 go to Will, Clare, and Rose M. But I haven't made up my mind who gets what- I need to hear you guys sing it in a row. Currently I'm thinking Clare, Rose and Will, in that order. But now it's been 30 seconds, so I changed my mind again :)
3. I will eat sweets- Laura and Emily E, duet
4. Watch cartoons- all the 3-year 8th graders
6. when I grow up (held)- Christine and Sarah R
7. Just because you find- Kevin
8. If you always take it- Ben (again, I keep changing my mind- Kevin and Ben, you may end up switching)
9. Just because I find myself- Nour
10. If I think the ending- Jonathan
Understudy: Kat

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