Monday, September 12, 2016

Sabbatical, Week 1

Dear choruses, family and friends,
Well, I did it. Sabbatical, week 1. Here are some things I did not do in the last 7 days that I thought I might while on sabbatical:
-start exercising
-go crazy from boredom
-binge watch tv
-magically start cooking 4 course meals

Here's what I did do:
-learn how to use weebly and build a brand new website for the drama program
-develop brand new online forms and packets for the drama program
-develop a bunch of teaching Shakespeare activities
-create my first rehearsal calendar
 -support several of my 9th graders
-attend 2 different classes on producing and engineering at Berklee and decide to take both
-try to take a class at BoCo and fail
-figure out health insurance and how it works
-throw a goodbye party for my outgoing drama teacher
-check in on the Froshcabinet
-hang out with a bunch of friends

Although the very first day was scary (changing routines: not my strength), I've been super busy ever since. And while people keep teasing me, like the Bigelow parent I saw as I left school yesterday, who said "I think you're doing sabbatical wrong," I realized today- I'm doing it RIGHT! The purpose of my sabbatical wasn't to never lay eyes on Bigelow- it was to free up enough time so that I could figure out how I WANT to fill my time. And the answer is- I love learning and doing new things. And I love teaching Shakespeare. And I love creating things, be it forms or websites or rehearsals.  And I've been doing that all week. So I think I'm getting the hang of sabbatical.

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