Monday, February 14, 2011

6th Grade Chorus Extra Credit

(For 7th and 8th Graders too!)
We've been practicing our solfege- in minor (do re me (pronounced MAY)) and in major (do re mi (pronounced MEEE.)) The chorus of Rhythm of Life (which starts at the top of page 3, measure 23, and goes to the bottom of the page) is in A flat MAJOR. The first 3 notes are all A flats- which means the first 4 notes are all DO. The next note goes DOWN- what note is LOWER than DO, but right next to it? Think about our warmup- Do, Do ti do, do ti la ti do....)

Here's a great thing to help you:
Click on a note to hear it!

You can write the solfege in under the notes. What will it sound like? Can you sing it? Try to figure out the whole chorus section (pretty much all of the 3rd page.) Good luck!
Ms. A

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