Wednesday, February 16, 2011


The wonderful show Candide (from which the song "Make Our Garden Grow" comes) is being performed for one night only at New England Conservatory the Monday following vacation. More details here.

It's a silly story about a young man (Candide) who is taught as a boy that things are "all for the best" no matter what happens. He then is beset by calamity after calamity and has exotic adventures everywhere from the Spanish Inquisition to South America. Finally, he figures out that maybe things aren't actually always so great after all, but (spoiler) we do our best anyway.

Including such fantastic songs as "Best of All Possible Worlds," "Auto-da-fey," "I Am So Easily Assimilated," and of course, "Make Our Garden Grow."

The dress rehearsal is free but, alas, closed to the public. I just found out. So ONE NIGHT ONLY, Monday, the 28th.

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