Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Junior Districts Concert

Ever wonder what a really amazing chorus of middle school students might sound like? A chorus made up of incredibly motivated singers with tons of time to rehearse?

Then wonder no more- come hear the Junior District Choirs and be inspired! Abby, Jane and Sophie will be performing this Saturday at the junior district festival at Lincoln Sudbury High School. The treble choir concert (4-part girls) is at 3 and the mixed choir (4-part boys and girls) concert is at 4. Tickets are $10.

The Massachusetts Eastern District is a group of 30 towns, from Boston all the way out almost to Worcester, including Newton. All of these towns sent their best 7th, 8th and 9th grade singers to audition for the Junior District Choirs, and just auditioning is a lot of work and a big honor! A little less than half of the auditionees were accepted, including Sophie, Jane and Abby.

On Friday and Saturday morning the 3 of them get to go rehearse all day, and Saturday's the concert. Last year it was AWESOME- I highly recommend it. You can sit with me and make fun of the kids from other schools. Ha! JUST KIDDING WAYLAND KIDS- WE'D NEVER DO THAT. Anyway, if you love choir (and you know you do) it will be a good time.)

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