Friday, March 11, 2011

Support Your Colleagues!

When I was 14, I met Kim on the band/chorus/orchestra trip to Washington, DC. From then on, I could pretty much guarantee that any concert I was in would have 3 people in attendance: my mom, my dad, and Kim.

16 years and 2000 miles from our high school later, she's still at it- last night Kim, her husband, and her in-laws all came to see Joseph. (They loved it!) They're regular attendees of Bigelow Chorus concerts and have seen every musical I've done yet.

I hope all of you are lucky enough to make a friend like Kim, but the point of today's entry is to encourage you to BE a friend like Kim. It's a win-win- you'll enjoy your friends' performance (even if you see a show or concert you don't love, it's always enjoyable to see someone you know perform) and they'll feel incredibly supported that you came to see them. I can say from personal experience how much it means to the person you support.

A big shout out to Teresa, Michael, Kyle, Nick, and Brian, among others, I'm sure, who I saw supporting their classmates at last night's show. Way to be great colleagues!

-Ms. A

(Random fact: Kim's parents are both in the Chicago Symphony. Her dad plays oboe and her mom plays flute. Kim and her sister, however, both play strings. Sound like anyone you know? Nah, I thought not.)

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