Friday, May 20, 2011

7th Grade Homework

Comment on this post with an intro to one of the 3 songs we're singing at the concert. Good intros TELL THE AUDIENCE SOMETHING INTERESTING, such as the background of the artist/composer, a story about the song, insight into our process of learning the song, or something interesting to listen for when we sing the song.

Alternate Homework option: Draw a beautiful cover for the program.

Good luck!


  1. Sarah B.

    The next song we will be singing is called "Don't Do Sadness." This song was hard for us to learn because it has syncapation, which means music on the offbeats; something we haven't practiced much before this song. Syncapation sounds really cool, and we hope you enjoy it!

  2. The next song we will be singing is 13/Becoming a Man. This song was written by Jason Robert Brown. This song can relate to the us as in chorus because we all are around the age 13. This song will also have some awesome soloists. So I hope you enjoy 13/Becoming a Man!
    -Alexis L.

  3. Under The Sea arranged by Kirby Shaw is from the Disney musical, The Little Mermaid. See how our liveliness rocks our very own Bigelow waves as we sing a three part harmony of the different fish of the see. Enjoy!
    -Gracie M ( Introduction for sixth grade.)

  4. The next song we will be singing is Thirteen written by Jason Robert Brown. This song is about becoming a teenager and experiencing being an adolescence. This song is one that we had a lot of fun with because we all could relate to it. We hope you enjoy it just as much ad we did!

  5. This next song is called"Make our Garden Grow" from the musical version of Candide. This song was written by Leonard Bernstein, who also wrote the music from "West Side Story" who uses some amazing harmonies when all the sections of the chorus sing together around the end. Please enjoy "Make our Garden Grow".
    -Julia A

  6. The song we are about to sing called 13, is all about the troubles of growing up and turning thirteen. This song is very upbeat and catchy, so don't be surprised if you find yourself tapping your foot halfway through the song. We decided to break some of the song into solos, so we have many soloists in this piece as well. This song goes from a very upbeat beginning to a very slowed down middle. We hope you enjoy.

  7. The song, "Thirteen" from the musical Written by Jason Robert Brown, is a song about growing up. Evan Goldman, a boy who is awaiting the arrival of his long anticipated Bar - mitzvah,has many conflicting feelings about growing up, or "becoming a man". He dosn't know if He can't wait to grow up, or if he wishes the day would never come. The fast tempo, and talented soloist will keep you entertained the whole time. enjoy!


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