Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Arms, They Hurt

This weekend I went to Brown University's graduation. I was not, obviously, graduating, nor was anyone I know. But anyone who was ever in the Brown band is eligible to return and play at graduation, and so most years, I and a few of my friends go back. I march down the hill, I play my cymbals for four or five hours in the sun, I lie on the grass and drink frozen lemonade (state drink of Rhode Island!) and then I go home.

Which is why my arms hurt. YOU try carrying cymbals for 5 hours. They're heavier than they look.

I do not expect that any of my students will grow up to the music teachers. Nor do I hang my hat on the idea of one of you growing up to be a famous professional musician. Whatever you grow up to do or be, if you are happy and good at it, I will be thrilled.

But this I will admit: I will be really, really, really excited if someday a student of mine grows up to join the Brown University band. For whatever reason, that's my happy place. In fact, every class I teach and ensemble I direct is modeled on the Brown Band ethos: that a group of nerdy people hanging out and playing music for fun while making a lot of silly jokes is pretty much the most fun you can have.

Hope you all had wonderful weekends!

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  1. It is!!! a group of nerdy chorus kids who eat in the auditorium and be antisocial and say random things and drool over the new risers have tons of fun. :)
    I would know. :)


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