Tuesday, January 17, 2012

6th Grade Chorus Homework

Comment on this post with an intro to one of the 4 songs we're singing at the concert. Good intros TELL THE AUDIENCE SOMETHING INTERESTING, such as the background of the artist/composer, a story about the song, insight into our process of learning the song, or something interesting to listen for when we sing the song.

Alternate Homework option: Draw a beautiful cover for the program.

Good luck!


  1. So the next song isn't really serious like most of our other songs, it's fun; even for little kids... In fact, it's original form was sung by a bunch of overly hyper vegetables with squeaky voices. Yes, that's right vegetables, mostly a cucumber named Larry... During this silly song with veggies that probably inhaled helium you'll be sent to a pirate ship where these privateers that could be made into a lovely stir fry do, well, nothing. See if you can here the difference in the harmony compared to melody, and please enjoy The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything...

    Will M

  2. http://fotos.fotoflexer.com/8514c9c799753fcda26b4a13a18e0c90.jpg

    ~Ashlyn K.

  3. This song is short and a little bit creepy and it makes you wonder a lot. It is about busy beetles and crickets whistling it also has a very mysterious theme this song is by Randall Thompson who made a lot of chorus songs. And now please sit back and relax and try looking for some alliteration while you listen to the next song called Some one.

  4. This next song is based on a beautiful poem by Emily Dickinson. Have you ever wondered what morning really is? "Has it feet like water lilies? Has it feathers like a bird?" How many things can you compare morning to? This song uses many imaginative metaphors as Emily Dickinson wonders when morning will come. Please enjoy "Will there really be a morning."

    Lucy L.

  5. We begin with an american folk song called "Going to Boston," a song arranged by Shirley W. McRae.This song has a catchy tune that really comes alive. In this song we sing about looking forward to our trip to Boston and all the exciting things we will do wile were at it.
    And now heres "Going to Boston"

    -Sarah S.


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