Tuesday, January 17, 2012

7th Grade Chorus Homework

Comment on this post with an intro to one of the 4 songs we're singing at the concert. Good intros TELL THE AUDIENCE SOMETHING INTERESTING, such as the background of the artist/composer, a story about the song, insight into our process of learning the song, or something interesting to listen for when we sing the song.

Alternate Homework option: Draw a beautiful cover for the program.

Good luck!


  1. "Charlie on the MTA" was a song written by Jaqueline Steiner and Bess Hawes. During late 1940s, the MTA made people pay for 2 fee: one on the reain and one off the train. This song tell you a story about a man name Charlie who didn't had the money to get off the train.

    Ryan L.

  2. "Dry Your Tears, Afrika" was based off a poem written by Bernard Dadie, and John Williams put it to music. "Bii yama yia" means Dry your tears Africa. "Bii lengeisia tii yamanga bii gamah" means your children are coming home. "Mu yama mu yeh, Afrika" means we're coming home Africa. "Baa Woo..." means don't cry, and "Kahungbia woieh yaa" means sing a song of joy. We had a lot of fun trying to get this song just right, and we hope you enjoy it.

    - Natalie C.

    1. "Dry Your Tears, Afrika" is a beautiful song written by John Williams. This song was included in the tremendous movie, "Amistad",which was and still is an important and historical time period in American history. This period of time was when slave trade was illegal in many parts of the world, but a lot of slave traders payed no attention to this law. Our chorus has spent almost half of a rehearsal to go over this song and talk about what it means and why it is important. We hope you appreciate and enjoy this historical piece of music that we bring to this stage.

      ~Njioma G.

  3. "Just what I Needed" is a song written by Ric Ocasek. This song is very lively and fun to sing. This song was originally played by a band named The Cars, in 1978. You might be wondering, why we are singing this song? Well, the first demo of this song was played at a Boston radio station, WBCN; it fits very well with our theme. We hope you enjoy our performance!
    ~ Aleah C.

  4. "Just What I Needed", by Ric Ocasek, is a lively, upbeat song. The fist time I heard this song, I didn't really like it, but never judge a book by its cover! It is now my favorite song that we sing. Its really fun to sing and the whole chorus has a great time singing it. I hope that you will enjoy it as much as we do!
    -Tamara K.

  5. "Just what I needed" is a song by Ric Ocasek. We all have a great time singing this song because it's fun and catchy, and we get to use kazoos. I hope you enjoy this as much as we do!
    -Claudia M.

  6. "Just What I Needed" form the band The Cars. The Cars were first popular in the late 1970's with their first album going platinum. Their run soon came to a halt as they broke up in 1988. I hope you enjoy this song as much as we do.
    -Andrew J

  7. The song, "L'Eyla", is a harmonious African song written by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook and arranged by Nick Page. It was originally written with relgious purposes however, as we worked on the piece, we have felt that the song could have a different perspective to it. "L'eyla there is one- one who sings the song of all people." could mean that if one person who tries to bring everyone into the community, then others might join in as well. I hope you think of this as we sing this song. And without further ado~ L'eyla!
    ~Grace C.
    (Ms. Alberts, I didn't know about this homework until Friday~ so you told me to make a note of it saying that the half credit thing doesn't apply to me if I do it by Monday)


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