Monday, April 29, 2013

6th Grade Soloists

Everyone who auditioned today did a great job and demonstrated musicality, good singing, and BRAVERY! Bravo! If I had more solos, you'd all get one. Oh wait- I do! Consider auditioning for a scat solo on Wanna Be Like You on Thursday. Willie is guaranteed one, but there can be more! To practice your scatting, check out the video of the song (an earlier post) and pretend to be an instrument accompanying the music.

I'm a Believer- Anisha

 I'll Make a Man
1) I'm never gonna catch my breath, say goodbye- Maddie
2) Boy was I a fool- Julia
3) This guy's- Amanda
4) Hope he doesn't- Bela
5) Boy I really wish- Morgan

 I Am What I Am- TBA Wednesday night, after 7.

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