Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bigelow Beats Solos

Good job everyone who auditioned today! You are brave and bold! If you wanted a solo and did not get one, we still have at least two more songs with solos plus Coney Island. So fear not.

Good Old AC
verse 1- Sofia PD
verse 2- Thomas

Man in the Mirror/Black or White
Black or White verse 1- Natalie
Man in the Mirror- Katie
Black or White chorus- Lauryn

Verse 1-Kamryn
Verse 2- Liana
Last solo- Brena

Magic v. 1- Maggie
Magic v. 2- Annabelle
Firework verse- NJ
Firework chorus- Fin (Fin and NJ, we may switch those. See me L1 tomorrow.)

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