Friday, May 9, 2014

Talent Show!

Congratulations, Talented People!
 If you have a + next to your name, or you are in the house band, please stop by the music room at 2:45 on Monday for 5 minutes to figure out a time you can rehearse together. Maya, Cat, and Shira- find Jake and Samidio during 4th block.

The next time we will see you all is May 27, from 2-5. Please be fully prepared with costumes and props.

A reminder that on May 29, the day of the show, you all need to be at school by 5:30. 

Act 1
Ladi, Michela, Isabella
Kevin and Carrieanne
+Ryan and Cameron
Laura and Jessie

Act 2
Jenny, Arthur, Lonnie, Hazel
Angela, Cheryl, Jacqueline
+Shira and Cat
+Jen, Rose M, Maggie
Lauren and Erica
Maddie, Ashley, Lauren
House Band

House Band:
Jake M
Ben L
Samidio D
Maya K

(If we made a mistake and you don't see your name and think you should, email Ms A.)

-Thanks! :) Your MC's, Clare, Jon, and Will, and your student producer, Maggie ;)

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