Monday, April 25, 2011

Acropolis Now!

Acropolis Now!
Wednesday morning- we were up and out the door to be the first ones at the acropolis. Acro- meaning top- and polis- city- yup, up a hill we hiked, to be rewarded with gorgeous morning sunshine on a spectacular view of the city of Athens and the most famous ruins in Greece.
So, can you guess who Athens ' patron god is? Well, Athena, of course. And the acropolis is all Athena, all the time. The Temple of Nike (yup, like the shoes, goddess of victory, pronounced nee-kee) guards the entrance, but Nike is either a handmaiden of or just a different aspect of Athena, goddess of battle and strategy. (Fun fact: the Nike swoosh is a Greek lowercase N, for Nike.)

Going through the arch, we have a temple to Athena dedicated to ritual worship on the left. On the right, a little building you may have heard of called the Parthenon. Down below, the Theatre of Dionysos, where the first Greek plays were held as part of the Festival of Athena (more on this Thursday, when I get to actually go there instead of just see it from above.)

(again, pics coming.)
Oh! What's that? You want to know more about the Parthenon? Fair enough.. Video #4.

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