Monday, April 25, 2011

Get Me to the Greek

Greek Isle #1: Aegina (The g is an h. Dunno why.)
The isles of Greece are, if Aegina is any indication, gorgeous. Mamma Mia the movie does not lie. We drove to the center of the island, to a gorgeous mountain top, to see this lovely ancient temple, where I shot video #3.

THEN we went to this lady's house for lunch. So the reason we went to Aegina was the trip leader, Professor H, met this lady, Eleny, at a lecture in DC last year, and Eleny said 'come visit!' Greeks are famous for their hospitality and it is not uncommon to be invited in by strangers, but Professor H explained we'd be a group of 30.

(Pics coming- technical difficulties.)
“No problem!” said Eleny. (Imagine inviting 30 strangers over for lunch!) And so we found ourselves in a house on a hill, overlooking the sea and the hillside, eating gigsande beans and tzatziki and pistachios (Aegina is famous for pistachios.) The sun shtone down, we watched the sea, and Greece seemed a fine spot to spend a day, or forever.

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