Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Back to the Future

True story: part of the trip I was most excited about prior to departure was today's destination: the Oracle of Delphi! I've read my whole life about the Oracle, and had a vivid image of what it would be like. A sure recipe for disappointment, and true enough, it was nothing like I'd imagined.

It was a million times better.

Basically, the town and temple of Delphi are located on the most gorgeous hillside on earth, overlooking the Aegean Sea. My initial reaction was this:

Delphi is related to word dolphin, both from the Greek word for womb. Delphi was also known as omfalos, the bellybutton of the world (we saw the rock that was the 'bellybutton' too- check the photos!) In short, Delphi was the center of the world,  and I can tell you- it felt that way. It was an amazing feeling.

Then we went to  the site of the oracle. Indescribable. Luckily,  you can see for yourself!

While at the theatre, my friend Claudia, a grad student in ancient Greek,  recited the first lines of the Illiad, a very famous epic poem/song/story about the Trojan war. In Greek. She recited from memory in Greek.

THEN we went to the museum where they put all the cool stuff they dug up at Delphi. And we saw the COOLEST THING. Watch:


Delphi, we had far too little time together. I'll be back.

Oh, and students, I got YOU a present there. :)

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