Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A few photos

The Acropolis at night, from the roof of the restaurant

Canal through the isthmus  to Pelopponesus (spelling? no idea.) I love saying isthmus.

I am a column!

Mediocre Roman ruins in Corinth.

You don't need to know latin to read this!

Agamemnon's tomb, supposedly. Agamemnon, right.

Mycenae was mostly fun because I got to hike a little. See that circle? It used to be filled with gold. 
So yesterday morning we went to Corinth (you know, like First Corinthians? From the New Testament? Me neither.) Then to Mycenae. ooh- gotta run or I'll miss breakfast- more tonight.


  1. Hi Ms. Alberts! I'm glad you're having fun.
    The Boston Globe reviewed Aladdin and they didn't like it very much. But they mostly didn't like it because of the script which isn’t really our fault.
    Keep having fun!
    And sorry about Susan Cooper. )=
    I was almost in Maine at the same time as Obama but I missed him by a few days.

  2. It looks like you're holding that column in place!

  3. Thats awesome!!!! you're so helpful. greece should pay you to hold up ALL their columns!!!! but then you couldn't work at bigelow and sophie p and i would be sad... :(

    anyway, i LOVE your photos!! and i can't read the latin tablet.... you spelled isthmus right but Peloponnesus wrong....!!! :D




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