Thursday, April 14, 2011


Thank you to EVERYONE who auditioned- I am SUPER proud of you. Auditioning is very scary and you are all awesome for being brave enough to do it. Some of you are GREAT singers but this one tiny snapshot of you was not how you usually sing. Auditions like this are unfair that way. There's no doubt in my mind that any one of you could sing any of these solos- but this is based on how you did sing it, today.

Soloists, please see me tomorrow if you are in school.

12 Years Old- Jen G
Pressure Mounts- Robin
Roll Along- Jen and Robin

I Want A...
Dirtbike-Julia S
Kill- Julia A
Mustache- Natalie T
Wonderbra- Kirsten

How Can I...
Spanish- Katharine Z
Track- Jane
Friday- Julia A
Crack- Jackson

I'm Becoming A Man, v. 1- Peter
I'm Becoming A Man, verse 2- Jackson
One Day it gets better- Sonia

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